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Archaeologia_Cambrensis Articles

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Archaeologia Cambrensis is an archaeological and historical scholarly journal, published annually in Wales by the Cambrian Archaeological Association, containing excavation reports, book reviews, and historical essays. .

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Brut y Saeson (vol18_1863)
Lords of Avan and the Blood of Iestin (vol22_1867)
Caerwent & St. Tathan (vol59_1904)
Caldey - An Island of Saints (vol63_1908)
Cross of Ibbic in Llandough (vol59_1904)
Early Life of St. Sampson (vol58_1903)
Churches of Mael and Sulein in Cwm, Flintshire (vol59_1904)
St. Brychan, King Confessor (vol58_1903)
Vestiges of the Gael in Gwynedd (Vol5_1850)
Articles of British Dress and Armour (vol5_1850)
Welsh Versification (vol32_1877)

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