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Journal of the British Archaeological Association Articles (Google scans)

British Archaeological Association was founded in 1843 and still exists.

Articles in pdf format - just click once)

Pen y Gaer and Caractacus (vol 34)
Territories of Vortigern (vol 4)
Merlin_and_Merlinian_Poems (vol 45)
Nine months of Harold (vol 23)
Bayeaux tapestry(vol 23)

Ogham_Inscriptions (vol 17)
Christian Monuments in Glamorgan (vol 49)
Truthfulness of the Ancient Irish Annals (vol 57)
Analysis of theAnglo Saxon Chronicle (vol 65)

Ancient Church in Wales (vol 49)
Evidence of the Early Celtic_Church (vol 41)
Kilpeck and its Church (vol14)
South Wales Religious Orders (vol 65)
Church of Beuno (vol 10)
St Helen (vol 48)
St Christopher mural (vol 3)
St Fagan's (vol 49)
Talley Abbey (vol 49)
Valle Crucis Abbey (vol 34)

House of Pudens (vol 28)

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