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Y Cymmrodor Articles (Google scans)

Y Cymmrodor ('The Welshman') was the annual journal of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion, published between 1821 and 1951. It contained essays and lectures on historical and literary topics and Welsh poetry. Y Cymmrodor was first published in 1821 (an unnumberedvolume), followed by a four-partvolume published between 1822 (Part I) and 1843 (Part IV). It contained essays and lectures on historical and literary topics and Welsh poetry. The series came to an end in 1843. The series of Y Cymmrodor was re-started in 1877 (Vol. I), containing historical and literary essays; in 1939 (Vol. XLVI) it changed to become a series of single-volume transcripts of major Welsh historical sources, ending in 1951 (Vol. L), its previous function having been taken over by the Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. (exerpt Wikipedia)

Articles in pdf format - just click once)

Welsh_Pedigrees (vol10)
Pedigrees_Jesus_College MS20 (vol8)
AnnalesCambriae Harleian 3859 (vol9)
Fragment from Hengwrt MS 202 (contains Bonedd_y_Seint & Triads) (Now part of Peniarth 12 p. 117-132 ) (vol7)
(Bonedd_y_Seint from above Peniarth MS12)
Additions to Bonedd Saint (1959 - P.C. Bartrum)
Extracts_Hengwert MS 34 Cantrefs (vol9)
Peniarth118 (vol27)
Peniarth37 (English followed by Welsh) (vol17)
Moe, King of Powys (vol43)
Brychan Documents (vol19)
Dynasty of Cunedag - Harleian Genealogies (vol21)
All around the Wrekin (vol21) (Contains Eliseg Pillar)

Chronology of Arthur (vol22)
Holy_Grail Part 1&2_(vol16)
Holy_Grail Part 3 (vol17)
ReceptionSaxons (vol27)
ExcidiumBritanniae (vol27)

Personal_Name_System in Old Welsh (vol9)
Welsh_Place_Names (vol11)
Celtic_Sanskrit (Comparison of Words) (vol7 )
Welsh_Particles (vol1)
Ancient Welsh Words (vol8)

Settlement of Brittany (vol11)
The Celts (vol31)
Vandals in Wessex (Battle of Deorham) (vol19)
Vandals in Wessex postscript (Gormund & Isembard) (vol22)
Bangor_Is_Coed - Early History(vol10)
Pilgrimages (to Bardsey) Chap27 (vol23)
Ecclesiology of Anglesey (vol40)
3 old foundations: Clynnog, Llanrhychwyn, Langienwen (vol42)
Colation of (Corrections to) Rees Cambro-British Saints (vol13)
Vita St Kebie (Cybi) (vol14)
St Carannog (vol15)
Life of St Germanus by Contantius (vol17)
St David (vol8)
Explusion of the Dessi (vol14)

Taliesin (vol28)
Taliesin_Rebuttal (vol34)
Taliesin_Poems (vol28)
Cataeth_HirlasOwain_poems (vol32)
Neglected_Triad (vol35)
Book of Basingwerk (part 1&2) (vol35)
Book of Basingwerk (part 3) (vol36)
True_Objects_Archaeology (Welsh Church,etc) (vol11)
Callanish_Stones (and Crofter System) (vol11)
Offa's and Wat's Dykes (vol12)
Segontium (vol33)
The Roman Fort Near Brecon (Y Caer - Cicucium) (vol37)
Circular_Huts Part 1 (vol9)
Circular_Huts Part 2 (vol9)
Scandinavian Settlement of Ystrad Tymi (vol25)

Welsh_Fairy_Tales (vol5)
Welsh_Fairy_Tales (vol6)
Folk_Lore (Highland Parallels to Wesh Popular Tales) (vol7)
Anglesea_Folk_Law (vol7)

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