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Harleian MS 3859 Genealogies

Shown here are the contents of the British Library Harleian MS 3859
which was printed in the Y Commrodor Society journal vol 9, edited by Egerton Phillimore obtained from: Y_Cymmrodor Vol 9:

(Having transcribed the text, I have attempted to adjust these Genealogies using Egerton Phillimore's footnotes. His convention is to show added letters in italics.
I have added his suggestions in parenthesis. You should check these changes against the footnotes in the last pdf above.
Where possible the well-known name or alernate name is given in parentheses and italicized and two that are mentioned by Gildas are shown in green. Also added are notes and suggestions from P.C.. Bartrum in Early Welsh Genealogical Tracts, Cardiff University Press, 1966.)

Beginning at {fo 193a col 3}

[1.] [Gwynedd]
(See Mostyn 117 Gen 1 & Jesus College 20 Gen 22,24)
[O]uen (Owain - d. 988) map [H]iguel (Hywel Dda - d. 950 - see Triad 59) map catell (Cadell - d c.909 map Rotri (Rhodri Mawr - d. 878) map mermin (Merfyn Frych - d. 844) map etthil merch (Ethyllt, daughter)
{fo 193b col 1}
cinnan (Cynan Dindaethwy - d. 816) map rotri (Rhodri Molwynog- the Bald - d. 754) map Iutguaul (Idwal the Roebuck) map Catgualart (Cadwalladr - d. 664) map Catgollaun (Cadwallon - d. 634) map Catman (Cadfan) map Iacob (Iago - d. c.616) map Beli map Run (Rhun Hir- the Tall) map Mailcun (Maelgwn Gwynedd - d. 547 - Maglocunus) map Catgolaun Iauhir Lauhir (Cadwallon Lawhir - Long Hand) map Eniaun girt (Einion Yrth- the Stricken) map Cuneda (Cunedda) map Ætern(Edern) map Patern pefrut (Padarn Beisrudd - of the red robe) map Tacit (Tegid) map Cein (Cain) map Guorcein (Gwrgain) map doli (Doli) map Guordoli (Gwrddoli) map dumn (Dwfn) map Gurdumn (Gwrddwfn) map Amguoloyt (Afloyd) map Anguerit (Amwerydd) map Oumu (Onwedd)n map dubun (Difwng) map Brithguein (Brychwain) map Eugein (Owain) map Aballac map Amalech (duplicate for Aballac), qui fuit beli (Beli) magni fili us et Anna mater eius quam dicunt esse consobrina mariæ uirginis matris Domini nostri Iesu Christi
(who was son of Beli the Great and Anna who is said to be the cousin of Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ our Lord)!.

[2.] [Dyfed]
(Jesus College 20 Gen 12,13)
[O]uein (Owain through his mother Elen) map elen (Elen - d. 928 Annales Cambriae) merc (daughter of) Ioumarc (Loumarc - Llywarch d. 904) map Himeyt (Hyfaidd - d. 893)
{col 2}
map Tancoyslt merc (daughter of) ouein (Owain d. 811) map margetiut (Maredudd - d. 796 Annales Cambriae)
map Teudos (matches Tualodor in Explusion of Deisi in 11-ED below)

map Regin (Rein) map Catgocaun (Gwgawn) map Cathen map [Cloten map (Clothen)] Nougoy (Nennue) map Arthur map Petr (Peder) map Cincar (Cyngar) map Guortepir (Vortipor) map Aircol (Agricola Lawhir- Long-hand) map Triphun (Tryphun) map Clotri map Gloitguin (Clydwrn ? son of Brychan, Nimet is his son not father) map Nimet (son of Cloitguin- Clydwyn) map dimet (Antonius Donatus/Anwn Dynod) map Maxim gulecic (guletic- Magnus Maximus) map Protec map Protector (Protec - Protector possible doublet) map Ebiud map Eliud map Stater map Pincr misser (possibly son of Crispus and Helena or Stater, Pincr, misser are merely titles) map Constans (Constans I - possibly should be Crispus) map Constantini magni (Constantine the Great) map Constantíníi (Constantius Chlorus- Emperor of the West) et helen luicdauc (luitdauc: lwyddog) que de Britannia exiuit ad crucem Christi querendam usque ad Ierusalem, et inde attulit secum usque ad Con-
{col 3}
stantinopolin, et est ibi usque inhodiernum diem
(and Helen Lwyddog who went out of Britain searching for the cross of Christ, to Constantinople and Jerusalem and it is there until to this day.)

(Genealogy 11 in The Expulsion of the Deisi (pdf) shows how an Irish ancestry was removed in Genealogy 2 above.)

(11-ED. Luid Eochaid mac Arttchuirp dar muir cona chlaind hi crich Demed conid ann atbathatar a maic 7 a hui. Conid dib cenel Crimthaind allae (Crimthann Mar mac Fidaig, High King 366-379),

diata Tualodor (Teudos) mac Rigin maic Catacuind maic Caittienn maic Clotenn maic Naee maic Artuir maic Retheoir maic Congair maic Gartbuir maic Alchoil maic Trestin maic Aeda Brosc maic Corath maic Echach Almuir maic Arttchuirp.)

[3.] [Rhos]
(Jesus College 20 Gen 39)
[H]iguel (Hywel d. 825 Annales Cambriae) map caratauc (Caradog d. 798 Annales Cambriae) map meriaun (Merion) map rumaun (Rhufon) map Enniaun (Einion) map Ytigoy (Idgwyn) map Catgual crisban (Catwal Crysban - killed at battle of Chester) map Cangan (Aeddan) map Meic (Maig) map Cinglas (Cynglas the Red- Cuneglasus) map Eugein dant guin (Owain White-Tooth) map Enniaun girt (Einion Yrth- the Stricken) map Cuneda (Cunedda).

[4.] [Manaw] (earlier in Galloway, Scotland)
(Jesus College 20 Gen 19)
(sister of Idwal is Celeinion - Jesus College 20) [I]udgual (Idwal) map Tutagual map Anarant map Mermin (Merfyn Mawr d, 682 Annals of Ulster) map Anthec map Tutagual map Run map Neithon map Senill map Dinacat map Tutagual map Eidinet (Gloitguin) map Anthun (Antonius Donatus/Anwn Dynod) map Maxim guletic qui occidit gratianum regem romanorum.

[5.] [Ystradclud]
[R]un map arthgal (Arthgal d. 872 Annals of Ulster) map Dumnagual map Riderch map Eugein map Dumnagual (Dyfnwal d. 760) map Teudebur (Tewdwr d. 750)
{Fo 194a col 1}
map Beli d. 722 Annales Cambriae) map Elfin map Eugein (Owain alive in 642 Annals of Ulster) map Beli map Neithon map Guipno (Gwyddno) map Dumngual hen (Dyfnwal Hen) map Cinuit map Ceritic guletic (Ceretic guletic is probably the Coroticus to whose soldiers St. Patrick wrote a letter of reproach about 471) map Cynloyp map Cinhil map Cluim map Cursalem map Fer map Con; Fer, ipse est uero olitauc dimor meton (Muighmhedhuin fr. Annals Four Masters) uenditus est

(See Bonedd Gwyr Gogledd Gen 8)
[R]iderch hen map Tutagual map Clinoch map Dumgual hen.

[7.] [Eiddin]
(See Bonedd Gwyr Gogledd Gen 3)
[C]linog (Clitnoy: Clydno Eiddin?) eitin map Cinbelim (Cinbelin) map Dumngual hen.

[8.] [Rheged]
(Jesus College 20 Gen 34 & See Bonedd Gwyr Gogledd Gen 1)
[U]rbgen (Urien) map Cinmarc map Merchianum map Gurgust map [map Ceneu should be added] map Coilhen (Coyl hen).
(Meirchion Gul is the son of Gwrwst son of Cyngen son of Coel Godebog.)

[9.] [Lothian]
(Jesus College 20 Gen 36)
[G]uallauc map Laenauc
{col 2}
map Masguic clop map Ceneú map Coyl hen

(See Mostyn 117 Gen 1 & Jesus College 20 Gen 5 & Jesus College 20 Gen 37)
[M]orcant map Coledauc (Clydog) map Morgant bulc (Morgant Fwlch) map Cincar (Cyngar) braut (brother) [delete map] Bran hen (Bran Hen), map dumngual moilmut (Dumnagual Moilmut) map Garbaniaun (Garbanion) map Coyl hen [delete map] Guotepauc (Cole Hen Godebog-title) map Tecmant (Tegfan) map Teuhant (Deheuwaint) map Telpuil (Telpwyll) map Vrban (Urban) map Grat (Gradd) map Iumetel (Rhifedel) map Ritigirn (Rhydeyrn) map Oudecant (Euddigan) map Outigirn (Eudeyrn) map Ebiud (Eifudd) map Eudos map Eudelen map Aballac (Amalech) map Beli et anna. (Over zealous monks converted "Beli Mawr (B.M.) and Anna" to "Anna daughter of Beli, sister of Beata Maria (B.M.)" under the assumption that Beli was "Heli the father of Mary", corrected from Heli father of Joseph, since the Luke 3:23 was believed to be the true genealogy of the Virgin Mary.)

(Jesus College 20 Gen 38 & See Bonedd Gwyr Gogledd Gen 4)
[D]unaut map pappo (Pabo Post Prydain)
{col 3}
map Ceneu map Coylhen.

[12.] [Efrawg]
( Bonedd Gwyr Gogledd Gen 5 is incorrect)
[G]urci ha Peretur mepion eleuther cascord maur map letlum (Gwrwst ledlwn) map Ceneú map Coylhen.
(Gwrgi and Peredur are the sons of Eliffer the great retinue (see Triad 38), son of [Gwrwst] ledlwn, son of Ceneu, son of Coel Hen [Godebog].)

*** 13 and 14 are branches of 2 ***

[13.] [Dyfed]
[T]riphun d. 814 map regin map morgetiud map Teudos map regin.

[14.] [Dyfed]
[R]egin d. 808, iudon, [remove i] Ouen (Ieuas), tres filíí morgetiud sunt.

[15.] [Brycheiniog I]
(Jesus College 20 Gen 8)
[G]ripiud, Teudos, caten, tres sunt filíí nougoy et sanant elized filia illorum (illius) mater regis pouis [erat].
(Should read: Gripiud, Teudos, Caten, tres sunt filii Nougay (Nowy, Noe) regis Pouis (Powys) (Jesus College 20 Noe ap Madog), et Sanant, Elized filia, illorum Mater erat. (Thus Sanant, heiress of Brycheiniog)).

[16.] [Brycheiniog II] (Better placed in Arfon, see Lleu ap Gwydion below)
[R]un map neithon map Caten map Caurtam map Serguan map Letan map Catleú map Catel map decion map Cinis scaplaut map Louhen (Lleu Hen: Lleu ap Gwydion of the Mabinogion) map Guidgen map Caratauc (Caractacus, taken captive to Rome) map Cinbelin Cunobeline or Cunobelinus (King of the Britons - late 1st century BC - 40s AD)
(From this point on after an unknown Teuhant, it ridiculously mentions a grouping of Roman Emperors back to Octavian including Antony and Cleopatra!)
map Teuhant map Constantis
{Fo 194b col 1}
map Constantini magni map Constantini map Galerii map Diocletiani, qui persecutus est xp’ianos toto mundo. Intempore illius passi sunt beati martires in brittannia Albanus, Iulianus, Aron, cum aliis compluribus. map Caroci map Probi map Titti map Auriliani map Antun du & cleopatre map Valeriani map Galli map Decius. mus map Philippus map Gordianus map Al(M?)aximus map Alaxander map Aurilianus map mapmau cannus map Antonius map Seuerus map Moebus map Commodius map Antonius map Adiuuandus map Troían[us] map Nero, sub quo passi sunt beati apostoli d’ni n’ri ih’u xp’i petri & pavli,
{col 2}
map Domitianus map Titus map Vespassianus map Claudius map Tiberius, sub quo passus est dn’s n’r ih’c xp’c. (map) Octauianus augusti cessaris. In tempore illius natus est dominus noster Iesus Christus.

[17.] [Dunoding]
(Jesus College 20 Gen 40)
[C]uhelm (Cuhelin) map bleydiud map Caratauc map Iouanaul (Ieuanawl) map Eiciaun (Eigion) map Brochmail (Brochwel) map Ebiaun (Eifion, Eision) map Popdelgu (Pobddelw, Hoedleb) map Popgen (Pobien) map Isaac map Ebiaun (Eifion) map Mouric (Meurig) map Dinacat (Dingad) map Ebiaun (Eifion - kingdom of Eifionydd named after him between Porthmadog and Pwllheli, with its center at Criccieth) map Dunaut (see sons of Cunedda at 32) map Cuneda.

[18.] [Meirionydd]
(Jesus College 20 Gen 41)
[C]inam (Cynan) map brochmail (Brochwel) map Iutnimet (Ednyfed) map Egeniud (Einudd) map Brocmail (Brochwel d. 662) map Sualda (Yswalt) map Iudris (Idris d. 632) map Gueinoth (Gwyddno) [map Guurgint appearing to be doubled Glitnoth] (could be Clydno)
{col 3}
barmb truch (Gwrin Cut-Beard) map Gatgulart (Catgualatr - Cadwaladr) map Meriaun (Meirion) [map Typiaun (Tybion - stayed in Manau)] map Cuneda (Cunedda).

[19.] [?Pennines]
[C]atguallaun liu map Guitcun map Samuil pennissel (Samuel Chendisil, married Deichter, a daughter of Muiredach Muinderg, king of Ulster (d. c500) in "Mothers of Irish Saints".) map Pappo post priten (Pabo Post Prydain) map Ceneu map Gyl hen (Coyl hen).

[20.] [?Rhufoniog]
Jesus College 20 Gen 46
[I](A?)mor map moriud map Ædan map Mor map Brechiaul.

[21.] [?Penllyn]
[M]eriaun map [loudogu.

[22.] [Powys I]
[S]elim (Selyf, died at the battle of Chester c616) map Cínan (transposed) map Brocmayl map Cincen (transposed) map Maucanu(n) map Pascent map Cattegirn map Catel dunlu(remove r)c .

[23.] [Powys II]
Jesus College 20 Gen 16
[H?]esselis map gurhaiernu(n) (Gwrhearn) map Elbodgu (Elfoddw) map Cinnin (Cynan) map Millo map Brittu (Britu - See Pillar of Eliseg) map Cattegirn map Catell (Cadell Gleaming-Hilt).

[24.] [Powys III]
[S]elim map iouab map Guitgen map Bodug map Canantinail (Carantmail possibly Carantmail ap Cynddylan ap Cyndrwyn from Llywarch Hen poem) map Cerennior map Ermic map Ecrin.

[25.] [Glastenic](Glastonbury)
[I]udnerth map [morgen
{fo 195a col 1}
map Catgur map Catmor map Merguid map Moriutned map Morhen map Morcant map Botan map Morgen map Mormayl map Glast unum sunt glastenic (Glast = Glas possible great-grandson of Cunedda Jesus College 20 Gen 50) qui uenerunt [per villam] que uocatur loyt coyt (Lwytgoed, grey forest: Lich-field).

[26.] [Ceredigion]
(Jesus College 20 Gen 21 & Jesus College 20 Gen 42)
[G]uocaun (Gwgon d. 872) map Mouric (Meurig) map Dumnguallaun (Dyfnwallon) map Arthgen (Arthen d. 807) map Seissil (Seisyll) map Clitauc (Clydog) Artgloys (Arthlwys) map Artbodgu (Arthfoddw) map Bodgu (Boddw) map Serguil (Serwyl) map Iusay (Usai) map Ceretic (Ceredig) map Cuneda (Cunedda).

[27.] [Powys]
Jesus College 20 Gen 18
(map) [C]incen (Cyngen d. 855 Annals Cambriae)map Catel (Catell d. 808)map Brocmayl map Elitet (known as Eliseg) map Guilauc map Eli map Eliud (brother of Selyf) map Cincen map Brocmail map Cinan [transposed so should be: Cynan (Garwyn) map Brocmail (Brochwell Ysgithrog) map Cyngen]
{col 2}
map Maucant map Pascent map Cattegirn map Catel (delete map) Selemiaun (district Selyf: Selyfion?)
(However Bonhed Y Seint Gen 35 - Tyssilio suggests Cygen map Cadell Ddyrnllug instead of Maucant and then Jesus College 20 Gen 16,18 suggests Cadell Ddyrnllug map Cateyrn map Gwertheryn (Vortegern). Thus Cadell would be a young man of 25 when St Germanus visited in 429.)

In 28 and 29 below, "Atroys map Fernmail" in 28 and "Artmail" in 29 are identical and both occurences of Morcant, the son of King Arthur are identical. The Llandaff Charters and Jesus College 20 Gen 9 shows that "map Mouric" in 28 has been erroneously omitted between Atroys (King Arthur) and Tewdrig. Since Ithel and Meurig were both killed in 843 according to Brut y tywysogion, 28 has "Iudhail map atroys" and 29 has "Mouric map Artmail". Then both 28 and 29 leave out names from Atroys/Artmail to "map Iudhail map Morgant" when compared to Jesus College 20.

[28.] [Glywysing]
[I]udhail (Ithel d. 843)map atroys map Fernmail map Iudhail map Morcant map Atroys [omitted: map Meurig] map Teudubric.

[29.] [Gwent]
[B]rocmail map Mouric (Meurig d. 843) map Artmail map Ris map Iudhail map Morcant.

[30.] [Powys]
[M]aun, Artan, Iouab, Meic, filii Grippi [left out: ud filii Cicen filii Catel filii Brocmail] filii Elized.

[31.] [Powys]
[E]lized, Ioab, Ædan, filii Cincen [filii Catel] filii Brocmail filii Elized.

[32.] The Sons of Cunedda [Meibion Cunedda]
Jesus College 20 Gen 7
[H]ec sunt nomina filiorum Cuneda quorum numerus erat ix: Typipaun (Typiaum:Tbion) primogenitus qui mortuus in regione que uocatur Manau Guodotin et non uenit huc cum patre suo et cum fratribus eius pre-
{col 3}
[dictis]. Meriaun filius eius diuisit possessiones inter fratres suos: ii Osmail, iii Rumaun, iiii Dunaut, v Ceretic, vi Abloyc, vii Enniaun girt, viii Docmail, ix Etern.

[33.] The Territories of Cunedda's Sons [Ardaloedd Meibion Cunedda]
[H]ic est terminus eorum: aflumine quod uocatur Dubr Duiu usque ad aliud flumen Tebi. Et tenuerunt plurimas regiones in occidentali plaga Brittanniae.

Powis pedigree of Vortigern contained in Nennuis Historia Brittonum, chapter 49

This is the genealogy of Vortigern, which goes back to Fernvail, who reigned in the kingdom of Guorthegirnaim, and was the son of Teudor; Teudor was the son of Pascent; Pascent of Guoidcant; Guoidcant of Moriud; Moriud of Eltat; Eltat of Eldoc; Eldoc of Paul; Paul of Meuprit; Meuprit of Braciat; Braciat of Pascent; Pascent of Guorthegirn (Vortigern); Guorthegirn of Guortheneu; Guortheneu of Guitaul; Guitaul of Guitolion; Guitolion of Gloui. Bonus, Paul, Mauron, Guotelin, were four brothers, who built Gloiuda, a great city upon the banks of the river Severn, and in British is called Cair Gloui, in Saxon, Gloucester.

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